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Digital Marketing Services, SEO, Online Footprint Analysis & Optimization, Startup Advising for Clients Worldwide.

SEO Case Study: 90 Days After Optimizing for Erik’s DeliCafe in the SF Bay Area

The Challenge: Increase organic search keyword diversity and drive traffic to the location pages on In this SEO case study, we’ll show you walk you through the centerpiece of our work with one of the Bay Area’s premier delis, Erik’s DeliCafe, to improve the quantity and quality of their organic traffic for all of their +/- 30 northern California …

Creating High Quality Content

Creating High Quality Content Introduction to Creating High Quality Content on Your Website Creating content that is top-notch is key for SEO success. It should be entertaining, useful, and pertinent to your target audience. Additionally, it should also be well written and free of mistakes. If you’re using an AI tool to help you write, make sure you double check …

Creating a “Behind the Scenes” Web Page for your Retail Business

A “Behind the Scenes” web page can be a powerful tool for engaging your audience, building trust, and fostering deeper connections with your brand. Stumped for a creative, valuable project for your company website that will help you on many, many levels? A goldmine of value can be created by crafting, posting and sharing some behind-the-scenes content about who you …

Let’s Talk About SEO Behaviors. Not SEO Tricks.

SEO Behaviors for Business Owners, Founders and Content Teams. Search Engine Optimization might be better thought of as “building a virtual location for my business online“. That way, we are encouraging behaviors and practices that contribute to an ever-growing organic keyword footprint that will drive valuable traffic to your website, while leaving the technical aspects of SERP-rank fueling site optimization …

Maximizing Content Visibility: Effective Social Media Promotion Strategies for New Webpages

In today’s digital landscape, generating high-quality content is just the first step in achieving content marketing success. Effective promotion is crucial for maximizing visibility and ensuring your content reaches the right audience. Social media platforms offer a powerful tool for promoting new webpages and expanding your content’s reach. Here are key strategies for effectively promoting your new webpage on social …

Website Traffic Channels – 3 Ways to Increase Site Visitors

In this 3-minute video, Mumbling Bill chats a little about the 3 website traffic channels that drive activity to your website: Organic, Paid and Earned. Each channel serves its purpose, has its strengths and weaknesses, and plays a critical part in the traffic of a healthy website. We touch briefly on: Organic website traffic This is all built on the …

Tools Are Not Marketing

Everything we talk about on and through ClickAwayCreative services are TOOLS – it is critical to keep in mind that mastery of TOOLS is not mastery of MARKETING or advertising – that begins with the old school development of who you are, what you’re selling, why people need it, who your customer is, your brand promise and so much more.

Start by Installing Google Analytics

After you have your beautiful, responsive, power packed website built and you’re ready to launch it, make sure you install Google Analytics – and then, assign someone to study the reporting it provides about your website. You’ll get insight into Top Pages, Users, geographic reports, devices people use to access your site, what channels perform best and so much more! …

Gardenside Chat: Growing Your Website’s Organic Keyword Footprint

Your Website is Growing an Organic Keyword Footprint Every Day. Make sure you’re growing what you want to grow. Make sure it’s helping your business grow. The idea of an “organic keyword footprint” for a website is actually a pretty simple concept, if you think of your website like a garden – so in this gardenside chat, we talk about …

The Importance of Goals in Google Analytics

By taking full advantage of Goals in your Google Analytics account, you’ll have actionable knowledge about what’s working in your advertising mix.

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