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If you’re a business owner or marketing professional looking for help with your website, your online marketing, or digital tools and techniques and how to understand it all through Analytics, we can help.

ClickAway Marketing & Creative provides a wide range of online marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the United States and worldwide. From building WordPress and Shopify-based websites to managing ongoing SEO services, from Pay-Per-Click advertising to email marketing and much, much more.

Our service strategies are driven by Analytics

Everything we do is driven by careful study and monitoring of Google Analytics and Google Search Console so we can track the impact of every strategy we deploy on behalf of our clients.

Our approach is simple, transparent and built on good old fashioned hard work: we talk with people, understand your business, identify opportunities, develop strategies, create solutions, and analyze results.

Send us a video of your question, and let’s talk.

When you’re ready to connect with us, send us a video online…there’s no form to fill out – just film your question or challenge, and let’s see where we can go together.

Customer Discovery Tools and Tips

Congratulations! You have an absolutely BRILLIANT idea for your startup – or you have built a magnificent business already – and you’re ready to let the world know about it, to invite Users to discover what you’re building and give you feedback to help solidify your roadmap. So now the question is: how do you […]

Gardenside Chat: Growing Your Website’s Organic Keyword Footprint

Your Website is Growing an Organic Keyword Footprint Every Day. Make sure you’re growing what you want to grow. Make sure it’s helping your business grow. The idea of an “organic keyword footprint” for a website is actually a pretty simple concept, if you think of your website like a garden – so in this […]

SEO Case Study: 90 Days After Optimizing for Erik’s DeliCafe in the SF Bay Area

The Challenge: Increase organic search keyword diversity and drive traffic to the location pages on In this SEO case study, we’ll show you walk you through the centerpiece of our work with one of the Bay Area’s premier delis, Erik’s DeliCafe, to improve the quantity and quality of their organic traffic for all of […]

YouTube Bumper Ads: Bump Up Your Startup’s Visibility

YouTube Bumper Ads: 6-Second Powerhouse to Drive Ad Reach A fantastic tool to throw into the mix when you are considering cost effective ways to reach large audiences with your brand message to raise awareness of your product or service are YouTube bumper ads. By leveraging this short form video ad format, you can drive […]

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Website Traffic Channels – 3 Ways to Increase Site Visitors

In this 3-minute video, Mumbling Bill chats a little about the 3 website traffic channels that drive activity to your website: Organic, Paid and Earned. Each channel serves its purpose, has its strengths and weaknesses, and plays a critical part in the traffic of a healthy website. We touch briefly on: Organic website traffic This […]

You run a business. So Where Do You Start Online?

Here’s a good question for you, if you run a business: where do you even start online when it comes to creating a healthy presence digital footprint to support – or even drive – that business? What are some of the key things you should check off your list to build a footprint online? Over […]
Tools Are Not Marketing

Tools Are Not Marketing

Everything we talk about on and through ClickAwayCreative services are TOOLS - it is critical to keep in mind that mastery of TOOLS is not mastery of MARKETING or advertising - that begins with the old school development of who you are, what you're selling, why people need it, who your customer is, your brand promise and so much more.

Start by Installing Google Analytics

After you have your beautiful, responsive, power packed website built and you’re ready to launch it, make sure you install Google Analytics – and then, assign someone to study the reporting it provides about your website. You’ll get insight into Top Pages, Users, geographic reports, devices people use to access your site, what channels perform […]
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