Where do you start online to build your business

You run a business. So Where Do You Start Online?

Here’s a good question for you, if you run a business: where do you even start online when it comes to creating a healthy presence digital footprint to support – or even drive – that business? What are some of the key things you should check off your list to build a footprint online? Over the course of this article, …

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Google Web Stories screen capture

SEO 101 for VC-Backed Startups – a Google Web Stories Experiment

Google has recently launched a beta version of a pretty cool WordPress plugin that they suggest may be a way to create content that ranks well in organic search – especially on mobile searches – while creating engaging user experiences on WordPress-based sites. To experiment with Google Web Stories, I have created a simple overview of “SEO for VC-backed startups” …

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What is SEO anyway - a quick overview from ClickAwayMarketing

What the Heck is “SEO” Anyway?

The very core foundation of a strong, healthy website is “SEO” – or Search Engine optimization. When a website is built with SEO as a foundational pillar, everything that happens with the site moving forward can contribute to driving the right traffic to the site to reach your online goals – from page views to contact form submissions, from online purchases to foot traffic in your store or downloads of your software.

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