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SEO 101 for VC-Backed Startups – a Google Web Story Experiment

Google has recently launched a beta version of a pretty cool WordPress plugin that they suggest may be a way to create content that ranks well in organic search – especially on mobile searches – while creating engaging experiences on WordPress-based sites. To experiment with Google Web Stories, I have created a simple overview of

Interview with Greg White, a Partner and the COO at Sway Ventures

It’s never been more important that companies reach their target audience… …what should founders and CEOs do right now…? – Greg White, Sway ventures partner & coo, June 19, 2020 Click to listen: On Friday, June 19th, 2020 ClickAwayMarketing’s Bill Quell had the great pleasure of joining Greg White, Partner & COO of Sway Ventures

Why We Focus On VC “Value Add” Services

Helping portfolio companies “reach success faster,” as Marc Andreessen puts it, generates faster exits, which only serves to bolster returns for LPs. Everyone wins! – VentureBeat, May 26, 2015 At ClickAwayMarketing, we have chosen to focus on providing an array of Value Add services for VC and Incubator portfolio companies as a way of helping