Organic Channel Marketing

Website Traffic Channels – 3 Ways to Increase Site Visitors

In this 3-minute video, Mumbling Bill chats a little about the 3 website traffic channels that drive activity to your website: Organic, Paid and Earned. Each channel serves its purpose, has its strengths and weaknesses, and plays a critical part in the traffic of a healthy website. We touch briefly on: Organic website traffic This […]

What the Heck is “SEO” Anyway?

The very core foundation of a strong, healthy website is "SEO" - or Search Engine optimization. When a website is built with SEO as a foundational pillar, everything that happens with the site moving forward can contribute to driving the right traffic to the site to reach your online goals - from page views to contact form submissions, from online purchases to foot traffic in your store or downloads of your software.

Start by Installing Google Analytics

After you have your beautiful, responsive, power packed website built and you’re ready to launch it, make sure you install Google Analytics – and then, assign someone to study the reporting it provides about your website. You’ll get insight into Top Pages, Users, geographic reports, devices people use to access your site, what channels perform […]
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