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Let's build your business with more of what you're after online, offline and on air. can build a complete internet marketing program covering everything from concept to execution and analysis. We provide a massive range of creative services, from graphic design to websites, from Internet marketing to radio and television through our partnership with ABC San Jose, we can help you grow your business by getting more of what you’re after. Website

Website? Nope. It's Your Business, Live On the Web.

Building primarily on the power of WordPress and Shopify, we can help you build a website that not only looks great across devices, but a website that also helps you build your business through powerhouse ecommerce performance, contact forms, click-to-call CTAs and more. The process of building a website can be daunting, but by taking it step-by-step we can help you through the entire process – from the first discussions about your business to the types of functionality you need on your site.

Our goal with every client is to help them see their website as a vital part of the business, not as an expense. When built and marketed properly, your website is a thriving source of increased revenue.

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Glow of the Caribbean YouTube Video Advertising

Video Advertising Across YouTube & the WWW

YouTube video campaigns are an incredibly powerful, cost effective way to build brand and drive traffic – from the efficiency of 6-second “bumper ads” to longer Skippable ads that build deeper story and connection, leveraging the power and insatiability of video is one of the best tools you have to build your business online.

ClickAwayMarketing can help storyboard, create, shoot, edit and distribute video for use in advertising campaigns – as well as embedding on your website, sharing on social media channels, displaying on Out-Of-Home screens and more.

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Internet Marketing: Understand It Through Google Analytics, Google Search Console and More.

We’ll work with you to build Internet Marketing programs that leverage the vast knowledge of our Certified Internet Marketing Masters to drive the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and business results you’re after. By leveraging comprehensive reporting and insights powered by Google Analytics and Google DataStudio along with additional dashboards and monitoring tools, we’re happy to explain everything, to share information and performance, and to work with you to continually enhance your marketing campaigns.

We’re happy to explain everything, to share information and performance, and to work with you to continually enhance your marketing campaigns.
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SEO that Drives Qualified Traffic to Your Website for Months and Years.

When done right, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you drive the right people to your website over the course of time. By following industry best practices around technologies and design, followed by a strategic program of content development and distribution monitored and developed on the strength of data gathered by Google Search Console, we can help your business get found for the right organic searches on Google (and Bing) to move your business forward.

Google Business Listing for Local Search Success

Google Business Listings: Your Key to Local Online Success, and We Can Help!

Google Business Listings have become an increasingly important ingredient to local search success – in many cases, traffic to a local business’ Google Business Listing receives more traffic and drives more activity (like phone calls and driving directions) than their website. By taking care of updating your Google Business Listing, you can be sure to maximize this incredibly valuable property – including sharing Posts, maintaining your hours of operation, creating a gallery of photos and videos, answering questions and more! We’ll also help you tag your featured sitelinks that connect your Business Listing to your website so you can accurately track site visitors ent by your GBL and see what they do compared to other site traffic channels.

Sway Ventures and nex3 offices in San Francisco, CA

VC & Startup Advising - Internet Expertise to Fuel Fast Success at Launch.

Over the course of working with a number of Internet & Tech Startups through VC firms, we have noted a consistent truth: in many cases, the foundational structure of many startups’ web presence under-leverages the power of SEO and lacks deep understanding of the various owned, earned and paid channel traffic and how each serves a different purpose in driving the right traffic to a new business online.

By working with VC firms as well as portfolio companies, we can help new businesses establish valuable best practices right from the start – including leveraging SEO out of the gate to reduce cash-heavy Paid Traffic through establishing, and building, qualified traffic online for both B2C and B2B ventures.

Connect with customers and build business with Social Media

Social Media Can Help You Connect with Your Community and Build Customers Through Authentic, Compelling Sharing and Communication.

At its finest, Social Media can be a wonderful tool to deepen your connections with your current customers as well as serve as a welcoming channel to build relationships and convert customers from the community at large. By strategically building your personality and profiles across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors while tracking business impact through the use of Google Analytics. So your Social Media activity can – and should – drive both short-term and long-term business objectives.

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