We Can Help With Creative Campaigns & Branding

We Help with Branding and Creative, too.

While the vast majority of the advertising we help businesses execute is response-oriented, “simple” messaging (Problem > Benefit > Solution) that leverages machine learning to assemble and present the most compelling message to the viewer, there are times we work with clients to develop more “institution” campaigns to differentiate them in the marketplace.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of creating messages that speak to a target market on multiple levels beyond “here’s what we sell, so click on this ad” – a fully crafted campaign touches people beyond that simple need > solution transaction. You have the opportunity to create a feeling, a knowing, a relationship with your audience while you are inviting them to join you in your business journey as a client or user or customer.

At ClickAwayMarketing, Bill is a firm believer in a “linear creative” process in which the creative springs forth from the business goal, the company strengths, the customer experience, and the distillation of “who we are”…after all, “who you are” is your primary point of differentiation – even in a crowded field, you are the only you…so leverage it.

Take a look through the slides below for a small handful of creative samples over the years.

In every case featured, the creative assets were developed hand-in-hand with the client and included execution/assets across both websites and digital ad campaigns. In some cases there were other media as well: email, digital outdoor, TV, radio direct mail…

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