Retainer Membership Levels

Once you register for your account on ClickAwayMarketing, you will be taken to a page to complete your sign up process and enter your payment information to set up your monthly retainer. It’s fast an easy – and will give you instant access to our Booking Calendar so you can schedule your first session.

Go ahead – choose your Retainer level, get registered and get things underway!


As a free member, you’ll have complete access to the vast majority of what we’re building and providing here at ClickAwayMarketing.

The only thing you won’t have is the ability to schedule video conference with anyone.

Other than that, though, you’ll be able to favorite items and articles, join our email newsletter, and enjoy all the content we publish for public consumption.

So join. Learn something. Have fun.

We’re happy to have you.


With your low monthly retainer, you can book up to 1 hour per month of video consultation time (that’s 2 30-minute sessions) to discuss a wide variety of marketing topics:
• Your website
• SEO footprint
• Google Analytics insights
• Google Search Console insights
• Google Business Listing review
• Pay-Per-Click advertising (Search, Display, Video, LinkedIn, etc)
• Email Marketing
• Social Media strategy

Plus additional topics like Out-of-Home advertising, graphic design and more!

Just $499/mo.


For a little bit more of a monthly retainer, you can have access to up to 2 hours of video consultation + 2 hours of bandwidth on the challenges, opportunities or strategies we cover together. That work can include a variety of projects or tasks, including:
• Work on your WordPress or Shopify website
• SEO work – analysis, content roadmap, content creation
• Pay-Per-Click Campaign creative
• Google Business Listing updates & maintenance
• Graphic Design work for online or offline advertising

Great Value! $750/mo.

Google Business Profile Membership: $100/mo off for 12 months!
(Just $99/month for a full year)


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