Brainstorming marketing tools list

Running List of Marketing Tools

Brainstorming a Marketing or Advertising Strategy Online or Offline?

This Google Sheet running list of marketing tools is meant to serve as a tool to be used while you are developing a strategy for marketing your product or service, whether it’s online, offline, outdoor, on TV, on radio – anything and everything. It is in no way a complete list, nor is it weighted in any way…it is simply a list of tools you might consider when putting your plan together.

This list covers some things we are specialists at, like SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and much more. It also covers traditional offline media like TV, radio and print – all of which can play a pivotal role in introducing a new business or product to the marketplace. In some cases, there are twists on these legacy mediums – for instance, in addition to buying local radio, you can place ad campaigns directly with Internet radio providers like Spotify and Pandora.

We also include OOH (Out Of Home) advertising – a long standing medium that can now be executed in a completely new way, thanks to emerging technology companies like Adomni.

Brainstorm creative and marketing tactics with this list of marketing tools

A neat way to use this spreadsheet is to open it up when you have a product or service you need to promote – then, read through the list line-by-line and see how you might use each tool or medium to create and/or distribute your message. It’s fun to see what bubbles up as you explore the choices!


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(You can download or print the list right from your browser.)


Want to talk about any of these tools and how you might use them in your marketing program?

We have deep experience with many of these tools – and would love to talk with you about what you’re thinking. Strategizing about how to integrate different tools, different tactics – and how to track and measure impact of your activities – can be fun.


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