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After you have your beautiful, responsive, power packed website built and you’re ready to launch it, make sure you install Google Analytics – and then, assign someone to study the reporting it provides about your website. You’ll get insight into Top Pages, Users, geographic reports, devices people use to access your site, what channels perform best and so much more!

Google Analytics are an ESSENTIAL, vital component of a website – but it’s not enough to install the software: you have to look at your analytics, too 🙂

What, exactly, should you look for in your Google Analytics reports? That depends on your business, on your website, on your Goals both online and offline. Google Analytics can provide you with a knee-buckling amount of insight into what your website is doing for you – perhaps the easiest way to get started is by making a habit of viewing every top-line report available by default in Google Analytics’ left hand navigation pane.

By starting with those reports, you’ll get a good overview of how people are getting to your website, what devices they are visiting you on, where they are from (geographically), who they are (demographically) and so much more.

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