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Website Traffic Channels – 3 Ways to Increase Site Visitors

In this 3-minute video, Mumbling Bill chats a little about the 3 website traffic channels that drive activity to your website: Organic, Paid and Earned. Each channel serves its purpose, has its strengths and weaknesses, and plays a critical part in the traffic of a healthy website.

We touch briefly on:

Organic website traffic

This is all built on the technology, architecture, structure and content of your website. This is, simply put, the sum total of your building, your decorations and signage, and everything you put into your store, so to speak. Your organic footprint is everything you put out on your website itself, coupled with site speed, links to (and from) your website, and all the photos, videos and words you create to tell every nuanced story.

The beauty of Organic traffic is that it rewards you in the long term. Once you build and publish your content on your website (and use proper titles, URLs, H1, H2, alt tags, article length, etc), that content becomes an ongoing source of traffic and discovery for you in search engines.

Paid website traffic

This is all the traffic you pay for through Pay-Per-Click, boosted Posts, even Press Releases. It includes Search, Display, Video and so much more – including the Extensions you can apply to your Search ads like Lead Forms, Site Links and more. Paid also covers the world of video campaigns – including the powerful technique of YouTube Bumper Ads.

Paid traffic is incredibly powerful – it has the ability to drive the right traffic to your website almost instantly – so there’s no waiting when it comes to driving paid visitors to your website. But it needs to be done well in order to be a source of revenue rather than an expense…you need to track and analyze the response and actions your paid marketing is doing for you, and refine your strategy and messaging to optimize performance and increase your ROI.

Earned website traffic

Earned website traffic includes your social media platform publishing and distribution, along with guest posting on blogs and industry websites, news article publishing, podcast appearances and more. It is what you share – and how other people share what you create.

In an ideal world, you have all three of these channels working together as a well-oiled machine to drive your website, and your business, forward.

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