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What the Heck is “SEO” Anyway?

The very core foundation of a strong, healthy website is “SEO” – or Search Engine optimization. When a website is built with SEO as a foundational pillar, everything that happens with the site moving forward can contribute to driving the right traffic to the site to reach your online goals – from page views to contact form submissions, from online purchases to foot traffic in your store or downloads of your software.

SEO is both complex and simple at the same time. To start, there are over 200 factors that contribute to organic rankings – from technical and logistical like page load time (PageSpeed) to how long you’ve owned your domain name for. Your site’s navigation plays a major role, along with its mobile usability and engagement metrics.

” Search Engine Optimization can drive long-term qualified traffic to your website when done properly, and when done consistently.“

After the technical foundation is covered, it’s time to focus on a strategic approach to initial content as well as a sustainable long term plan to continually add a breadth and depth of content that continues to appeal to the right audience and drive the right activity once the get to your site. Think in terms of words, pictures and video. Think in terms of a blog or press room to release deep, timely information. Think in terms of stocking your site with every little thing you want people to find you for, and create content to support that.

As you build content on your website, share that content via social media, guest blogs, podcasts, press releases, Google Search Console. Get the word out that you’ve posted – let people know about your great new content all the time. Over time, other sites will link to your site and build your backlinks and authority. Your content-first strategy will automatically build your traffic channels by giving more and more people ways to find you in Search.

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