Why We Focus On Venture Capital “Value Add” Services

Providing guidance for VC portfolio companies to navigate the waters of the vast Internet is a specialty of ClickAwayMarketing – from optimizing site content to maximize organic footprint to creating earned and paid channel strategies to drive value and help “reach success faster“.

Helping portfolio companies “reach success faster,” as Marc Andreessen puts it, generates faster exits, which only serves to bolster returns for LPs. Everyone wins!

VentureBeat, May 26, 2015

At ClickAwayMarketing, we have chosen to focus on providing an array of Value Add services for VC and Incubator portfolio companies as a way of helping the portfolio companies “reach success faster” – to help them fully maximize their organic footprint, for instance, to attract valuable traffic that drives product awareness, adoption and revenue without requiring the constant funding of Paid Channel traffic.

Often, VC and incubator portfolio companies are started by brilliant, passionate people with a vision for a better world – but without expertise in the world of website architecture, content, keyword research, page structure, image ALT tagging, meta tags, PageSpeed and the vast myriad of over 200 factors that contribute to an initial healthy organic footprint at launch and a program that will contribute to ongoing organic ranking for valuable, qualifies traffic that will increase the value of the startup over time.

For example, when we ran an SEO diagnostic of a startup’s website at their request, we discovered that all 13 pages of their minimal site shared the same Page Title, featured no meta description, had no H1 component, under-leveraged H2 content, and were so light in actual on-page text as to deliver nearly no organic value at all.


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